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Matthieu W. | 18.09.2023 08:38
( 9 /10 )
Easy assembly with video instructions. My chain derailed several times at first, without really knowing why. This problem resolved itself After maneuvering the bike gear shift. The brakes don't brake very well, maybe because they are new. I have the impression that the front wheel is warped, when I brake I feel waves in the brake lever, it also makes a rubbing noise. I took the front wheel off and on several times making sure it wasn't too t...
imma bordas villena | 19.08.2023 12:28
( 10 /10 )
Excelente el servicio postventa
Juanjo Domenech | 13.09.2023 15:16
( 8 /10 )
Buena máquina
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